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33 months ago, on the steps of old capital in Springfield Illinois, our movement for change began. And weeks and months that followed, in the living rooms and backyards all across America, millions of you lent your voices to the movement. You volunteered. Some of you for the very first time, others for the first time in a long time. You became neighborhood team leaders, precinct captains and caucus captains. You knocked on doors, dug into your savings and talked to anyone who listened. And step by step, block by block, you’ve created the greatest grassroots campaign ever assembled.


Because of you, we stood together one year ago today, and helped to bend the arc of history. As I said on that night, victory alone was not the change we sought. It was only the chance for us to make that change. You understood the enormity of the test that lay ahead, and you knew the challenges that we face might not met in one year or one term.


That’s why you decided to keep the movement going. You’ve created “Organizing for America” to build on the strength of campaign and keep the call for change alive in every corner of our nation. And today that movement is strong as ever. Over 2-million of you have taken an action in support of “Organizing for America”‘s health care campaign. And you recently generated 315000 calls to congress in a single day. Each of you is making difference in your way. That’s why I want to thank you. Not just for your astonishing work during the campaign, but also your unyielding dedication ever since.


Because of your support, we are working to bring the change to America. We are beating back the worst economic crises since the great depression. We are investing in clean energy economy that will not only free us from the grips of foreign oil, but also creates new green jobs in the process. And we are closer than ever been to passing the real meaningful health insurance reform in the United States of America.


So we are making progress. But giving the big challenges Americans facing across this county, we also have a lot of work to do. That’s why I’m counting on your help. There are “Organizing for America” staff and volunteers in every corner of every state, ready to help you get started. Just fill up the form below. One of them will give you a call, and let you know how you can help in your community.


Challenges we face are not easy. They won’t be solved overnight. But if you stand with me, if you keep making calls and knocking on doors and pushing for change, then together we will secure the promise of America for future generations. Thanks so much.


Organizing for America / Sign Up to Get Involved

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