「リパワー・ウォール / 再充電のための壁」アメリカ再充電キャンペーン

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Repower Voices / 再充電を求める声

JoJo Farrell, Teacher: “Why join the fight to repower America with clean energy?”

Sheryl Crow, Singer/Songwriter: “Because millions of people believe it will make a better future for our children;”

General Brent Scowcroft: “Because climate change threatens our national security;”

Rev. C. Douglas Smith: “We have a responsibility to protect God’s creation;”

Ted Turner, Founder, UN Foundation: “Because I want jobs that are made in America;”

Indra Nooyi, Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo: “Because of some of America’s most trusted companies know clean energy will create new industries and new jobs;”

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City: “Because I want America to lead the way;”

All: “So add your voice. Add your voice;”

VO: “Add your voice at”

Repower Faces / 再充電を求める顔

Teachers and Students, Business and Labor, Scientists and the Clergy, Energy Companies and Environmentalists, Doctors and Military Leaders, Republicans and Democrats, They all agree now is the time to lead.

We have a historic opportunity to end our dependence on foreign oil and rebuild our economy by investing in a clean energy future. Now is the time to Repower America. Add your voice at

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On November 2nd, the Alliance for Climate Protections Repower America campaign unveiled a new campaign designed to demonstrate broad national consensus for action on clean energy and climate. An integrated multimedia effort support by an online, field and advertising campaign, the new Repower effort centers around a virtual Repower Wall, where thousands of people have already uploaded messages of strong support for action to create clean energy jobs, safeguard Americas economic and national security future, and solve the climate crisis. The Repower Wall may be accessed at
2009年11月2日、気候保護同盟(Alliance for Climate Protections)が運営する活動「リパワー・アメリカ」は、クリーン・エネルギーと気候保護へのアクションを全国に呼びかけるための新しいキャンペーンを公開した。インターネット、地域への活動、広告など、複数メディアを使ったこのキャンペーンは、仮想壁「リパワー・ウォール / 再充電のための壁」をテーマに展開される。すでに何千もの人々がこの壁に、アクションを求めるメッセージを寄せている。クリーン・エネルギー産業を求め、アメリカ経済や国家保安の維持を望み、そして気候危機を回避するために。

Calling on people across the U.S. to add their own message of support to the Repower Wall, a combination of notable and not so notable names are featured in a pair of national television ads titled Voices and Faces that also began airing today. The campaign has attracted a wave of messages from workers, business executives, military veterans, faith leaders, elected officials, entertainers, activists and people from across the country, demonstrating the deep and broad support for swift action on climate change and a transition to a new 21st century clean energy economy.

「Repower Wall / 再充電のための壁」

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Al Gore: Our Choice


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