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There’s another hand went out back there and I get to.. yes, mom.


So, Mr. Freeman, why exactly are you doing this?


I live here. I think it is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of, that in this time, this period in our lives, you children are being brought up this way. I just.. it hurts me deeply. They say “where do you live?” and I say “Mississippi”, they say “MISSISSIPPI??!!” “Yeah, is there problem there?” “Well, you know..” And then I have to report that “Well, yeah, kids who live in a very small town, kids go to separate proms.” So can you explain that? No. I don’t want to explain that. But I do want to end it. And what I’m hearing this morning, so do you. Am I right about that?




Excellent. You do it. I write the check.


– – – – – –
The white parents wanted us to go to the white prom this year. They said they’d pay us for free to go and everything. We went to a meeting, me and Jessica. The woman’s house we were at, her daughter was being threaten, so called being threaten, but she was a racist. And she was just talking about N this, N that.


And where the parents used the word ‘nigger’, was in the meeting, that their children couldn’t be around, or they didn’t want to be around. They are talking about how “nigger’ll end up being around my daughter, and they will run up and dance, that’s just not happening. We’re not gonna have babies in my family.”


We decided to leave. My fiance had left first.


The way they were just talking, I just walked out. ‘Cause I mean, it was just ridiculous. Why hate like that? I mean this is our prom.


“Niggers ain’t gonna be running, rubbing up my daughter in no prom. It ain’t happening in this house. As long as she’s living with me, she will not attend a mixed prom. That’s not how we raised her.”


In 1997, Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman made an historic offer to the high school in his hometown of Charleston, Mississippi: He would foot the bill for the school’s senior prom—on condition that both black and white students be allowed to attend. Even though the students shared classes and every other aspect of school life, Charleston High had a tradition of holding two proms—one white, one black. Freeman’s offer was ignored. In 2008, he made it again. This time, the school accepted and history was made, but not without significant opposition. PROM NIGHT IN MISSISSIPPI tells the highly entertaining and ultimately hopeful story of the fallout from Freeman’s offer, as senior students of Charleston High rally in preparation for the school’s first-ever integrated prom.


Prom Night In Mississippi

HBO: Prom Night In Mississippi

NPR: Mississippi School Holds First Interracial Prom



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