ジュード・ロウが呼びかける「私にとって平和とは」ビデオコンテスト / Peace One Day「平和の日」9月21日

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In 1998, I had an idea to create a day of peace, a day of seize fire and non-violence, a day when fighting stops allowing humanitarian and assistants to those in need, a day for everyone to unite.


After years of struggling against doubters, I finally reached the ears of governments and institutions who would assure me that they could work.

「そんなことできるはずない」という人たちと何年も立ち向かい、とうとう政府や機関の中で耳を傾けてくれる人々に巡り会った。彼らは「ピース・ワン・デー / 一日の平和」のために動いてくれることを約束してくれた。

On the 7th of September 2001, Peace Day became a reality.


4 days later, the launch of the day, everything changed. Peace Day came when no seize fire, no humanitarian action.


I can hear cynics voices getting lauder. Day will never work, nobody will stop. But I couldn’t walk away. I believed in a day. I had to make it famous.


Individuals came forward. One in particular was willing to become seriously involved. Together we had to prove the day will have practical affect on people’s lives. Where? Afghanistan. The one place on earth where there haven’t been peace for 30 years. What happen next is beyond my wildest dreams..


THE DAY AFTER PEACE / ザ・デイ・アフター・ピース

ジュード・ロウ: ピース・ワン・デー大使

10 years ago, my friend Jeremy Gilley started filming a documentary about his campaign to create annual day of peace. In 2001, his efforts were rewarded, when all United Nations’ member states adopted 21st of September as “Peace Day”. For the last years, I traveled with Jeremy to Afghanistan where Peace Day is used to save lives. 3 million children vaccinated against polio on Peace Day 2007 and 2008.


As a filmmaker myself, I love the fact that Peace One Day uses the camera to make the difference. Now it’s your turn. Tell us your story. Create a video. Show us what you are doing to make peace. Whether it’s bringing people together, making amends with someone, doing something home or work, or anywhere in your community. Show us what peace means to you. They don’t have to look professional, just to have a goal. Share with the world on Peace One Day’s YouTube channel. We’ll select the most inspirational finalists, and you’ll decide the winner. The prize is a state-of-the-art HD camera, and a day with Jeremy Gilley learning the art of documentary film making. Good luck!


My Take On Peace – Video Contest
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Peace One Day




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