自由の歌: アン・サン・スー・チー

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Lack of freedom does a lot of terrible things to people. It’s only when you are deprived of your freedom that you realize how precious it is.


– Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi was elected Prime Minister of Burma in 1990. She has been under house arrest by the Burmese government for 13 of the last 18 years. –


If you want to keep the non-violent approach, we find that there’s a vast difference in the attitude of a man with a gun in his hand, and that of one without a gun in his hand. When a man doesn’t have a gun in his hand, or a woman in that matter, he or she tries harder to use his or her mind, a sense of compassion, intelligence to work out the solution. But if you put a gun into the person’s hand, a gun is always there to use. So that the urge to depend on more on intellectual considerations, the urge to exercise one’s intelligence and compassion more become that much less. So we think that non-violent approach is best for our country. We want to cut that vicious cycle that has been going on in Burma so some time. People are trying to change our political scene with the power of the gun.


I think that musicians and artists, anywhere in the world, are in a position to draw public attention to our cause in the way which others can not. Because one good freedom song can go a lot further than a several long speeches, or interviews like this. A number of interviews like this are nothing compared to a really catchy freedom song for Burma. If somebody would come out with it, it could spread all over the world. That will help us a great deal.


– What’s your freedom song? あなたの「自由の歌」を送って下さい。-
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