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Do you like your strawberries dipped in chocolate or methyl iodide? Hello, I’m Martin Sheen and I wanna feed your mind. Our food is harvested by millions of people working in dangerous conditions with no benefits and no health coverage. These people labor for long days through hot summers, it can reach a 120 degrees. Farm worker communities are exposed to harmful pesticides, pesticide like methyl iodide. Last summer 16-year old María Jiménez worked under the blazing sun without clean water or shade. She overheated and died picking food for us. 15 farm workers have died of heat related illnesses in 2004.

What can you do? You can turn the table. Learn where your food comes from. Buy locally grown food that’s pesticide free. It’s safer for the workers who harvested, and it’s safer for you. Buy food from producers who’s union-certified who treat their workers like human beings. You are the consumer, you have the power, help protect the right for farmer workers. To learn more, visit
何ができるでしょう?立場を逆転させることができます。食物がどこから来るのか知りましょう。農薬を使わない地元生産食物を買いましょう。収穫する労働者にとって安全な食物、そして私たちにも安全です。労働者たちを人間らしく扱う、組合を承認する生産団体から買いましょう。あなたは消費者、力があるのです。農家労働者の権利を守る手助けができるのです。もっと知って下さい。FOOD, INC. サイト、 で。


I’ve gone up to Delano over with my wife Janet, cause I would go off and on over the whole period of the fast, and I would vigil. One day I was up there, and dear friend Bill O’Donnell asked me if I’d like to meet Cesar. I said, “Well I understand he is not receiving”. He said “I was gonna inquire, cause you come and go and he would receive you this time”. I said “Well if it’s possible I’d be delighted, but don’t go through any difficulties”. Alright, he said, and he went off.

And he came back in about 20 minutes later, and he said “He will receive you and Janet. Come along”. Oh my god, I lost my breath. And as we walked from Union Hall to the bangalow where he was, I lit up a cigarette and puffing madly on it. When we got to the right to the door of the bangalow, my wife turned to me and said “Put that out, you damn fool! Get in here and meet Cesar!” I said “You go on, you go on, and I’ll be right in.” “Oh, for heaven’s sake” and she left me. At the door, I’m so nervous to meet my hero, and I’m smoking, and put it out. Then, boom, I opened the door.

And time to see my wife kneeling at the bed side, and kissing Cesar’s hand, and he took her hand and kissed her hand. It was so moving. And I was stunned how small he was. This tiny figure on this little bed, and I said, “No, this isn’t Cesar Caves, he is 8 feet tall! He’s the biggest guy in the world. He can’t be this small, my god!” And I was deeply moved by the humanity, his presence was so overwhelming.

Just there, I took my wife’s place. She rose and stood aside and I kneeled at her spot and took his hand, and I kissed his hand. And Father Bill said “Cesar, this is Martin Sheen. His real name is Ramon.” And I was holding his hand, and he kissed my hand right where I just put my cigarette out. And I was so humiliated, oh my god, I was so embarrest. Because I know for him it was like kissing an ashtray. And I made a vow in my heart, oh lord please, I will not smoke as long as he doesn’t eat. And I waited until his fast ended.

Cesar’s Last Fast

United Farm Workers (全米農業労働者組合)




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