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Good day, this is Narada Michael Walden, very happy to be here to talk to you today about our big show “Let The Sunshine In”.

The show is to benefit young 11-year old boy Christopher Rodriguez, who were shot and paralyzed by the stray bullets. We wanna honor Christopher and look after his medical needs, also wanna honor the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and their needs with the young teenagers going to school to learn music.

And we invite all the musicians around the world, who love education and children and looking out for their love and music with these kids.

So join us, so we can make a better world. Because Narada Michael Foundation stands for making a difference with PEACE

Narada Michael Walden Foundation

“Let The Sunshine In”
May 25, Memorial Day, 7:00pm
Louise M Davies Symphony Hall, San Francisco CA
Tickets On Sale Now at

Sting, Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis jr., Mary Wilson, Earl Klugh, David Grisman, Bobby Weir, Gerald Alston (The Manhattans), Shanice Wilson, Lisa Fischer, Jeanie Tracy, Dale “Satchmo” Powers, Tevin Campbell, The Narada Michael Walden Band, Michael Morgan and The Oakland East Bay Symphony + Special Guests
出演: スティング、マリリン・マックーとビリー・ディヴィスjr、マリー・ウィルソン、アール・クルー、デヴィッド・グリスマン、ボブ・ウェア、ジェラルド・アルストン(マンハッタンズ)、シャニース・ウィルソン、リサ・フィッシャー、ジニー・トレーシー、デール “サッチモ” パワーズ、テヴィン・キャンベル、ナラダ・マイケル・ウォルデンバンド、マイケル・モーガン指揮オークランドシンフォニー + 特別ゲスト

Narada M Walden Hitmaker: An Interview ’88

Narada Michael Walden参加作品リスト



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