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The Inspiration: Playing for Change is a multimedia movement created to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music. The idea for this project arose from a common belief that music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between people. No matter whether people come from different geographic, political, economic, spiritual or ideological backgrounds, music has the universal power to transcend and unite us as one human race. And with this truth firmly fixed in our minds, we set out to share it with the world.


The Production: We built a mobile recording studio, equipped with all the same equipment used in the best studios, and traveled to wherever the music took us. As technology changed, our power demands were downsized from golf cart batteries to car batteries, and finally to laptops. Similarly, the quality with which we were able to film and document the project was gradually upgraded from a variety of formats– each the best we could attain at the time—finally to full HD.

制作: 僕らは移動型録音スタジオを作った。最高のスタジオで使われているのと同じ機材を搭載した。それと一緒に、音楽が導くままに世界を旅した。機械技術の進化と共に、持ち運ぶ機材の大きさは小さくなって行った。ゴルフカートバッテリーから乗用車バッテリー、そしてラップトップサイズへと。同時に僕らが記録する映像の質もどんどん向上した。その時々で最高のフォーマットを選んで来たけれど、最終的にはハイデフにまでたどり着いた。

One thing that never changed throughout the process was our commitment to create an environment for the musicians in which they could create freely and that placed no barriers between them and those who would eventually experience their music. By leading with that energy and intent everywhere we traveled, we were freely given access to musicians and locations that are usually inaccessible. In this respect, the inspiration that originally set us on this path became a co-creator of the project along with us!


The Effect: Over the course of this project, we decided it was not enough for our crew just to record and share this music with the world; we wanted to create a way to give back to the musicians and their communities that had shared so much with us. And so in 2007 we created the Playing for Change Foundation, a separate 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation whose mission is to do just that. In early 2008, we established Timeless Media, a for-profit entity that funds and extends the work of Playing for Change. Later that year, Timeless Media entered into a joint venture with the Concord Music Group through the support of label co-owner and entertainment legend Norman Lear and Concord Music Group executive vice president of A&R John Burk. Our goal is to bring PFC’s music, videos and message to the widest possible audience.

効果: このプロジェクトの過程で僕らは、音楽を記録して分かち合うだけでは駄目だ、と気づいた。このプロジェクトを作り上げてくれたミュージシャンたちに、何かを返せるルートを作らなければ。そこで2007年に僕らは「プレイング・フォー・チェンジ基金」を設立した。僕らのプロジェクトから独立した、非利益団体だ。それから2008年にタイムレスメディアを設立した。「プレイング・フォー・チェンジ」の活動を持続拡大するための資金を作るための会社だ。タイムレスメディアは、コンコード・レコードの共同経営者ノーマン・レアと副社長のジョン・バークの助力で、コンコード・レコードとのジョイントベンチャーを果たした。僕らの望み「プレイング・フォー・チェンジの音楽と映像とメッセージをできるだけたくさんの人々にとどける」への大きな一歩だ。

Now, musicians from all over the world are brought together to perform benefit concerts that build music and art schools in communities that are in need of inspiration and hope. In addition to benefit concerts, the Playing for Change band also performs shows around the world. When audiences see and hear musicians who have traveled thousands of miles from their homes, united in purpose and chorus on one stage, everyone is touched by music’s unifying power.


And now, everyone can participate in this transformative experience by joining the Playing for Change Movement. People are hosting screenings, musicians are holding benefit concerts of every size, fans are spreading the message of Playing for Change through our media, and this is only the beginning. Together, we will connect the world through music!


Playing For Change プレイング・フォー・チェンジ

YouTube: Playing For Change

CD/DVD: Songs Around the World by Playing For Change

Playing For Change Foundation プレイング・フォー・チェンジ基金

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PFC on PBS all month long in August!

2009年8月中、57分の「Playing For Change: Peace Through Music」ドキュメンタリーが、米国PBS(公共テレビネットワーク)で放送されています。監督のMark JohnsonとJonathan WallsがPBSのスタジオを訪れ、収録の体験談などを話します。PBSをサポートするための献金プログラムの一環です。演奏映像だけでなく、各国のミュージシャンの語りや個別演奏、そして各国が直面する問題に対する音楽の役割など、プロジェクトの意図がさらに深くわかります。




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