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It’s all about externalizing the costs. What that means is the real costs of making stuff aren’t captured in the price. In other words, we aren’t really paying for the stuff we buy.


I was thinking about this the other day. I was walking to work and I wanted to listen to the news so I popped into this Radio Shack to buy a radio. I found this cute little green radio for 4 dollars and 99 cents. I was standing there in line to buy this radio and I wondering how $4.99 could possibly capture the costs of making this radio and getting it to my hands.


The metal was probably mined in South Africa, the petroleum was probably drilled in Iraq, the plastics were probably produced in China, and maybe the whole thing was assembled by some 15 year old in a maquiladora in Mexico. $4.99 wouldn’t even pay the rent for the shelf space it occupied until I came along, let alone part of the staff guy’s salary that helped me pick it out, or the multiple ocean cruises and truck rides pieces of this radio went on. That’s how I realized, I didn’t pay for the radio. ..So, who did pay?



Planned obsolescence is another word for “designed for the dump.” It means they actually make stuff that is designed to be useless as quickly as possible so we will chuck it and go buy a new one. It’s obvious with stuff like plastic bags and coffee cups, but now it’s even big stuff: mops, DVDs, cameras, barbeques even, everything!

「PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE: 計画的老朽化」すなわち、捨てるためデザインされている‥ということ。できるだけ早く使い物にならないようにして、捨てて新しい物を買わなければならないようにデザインされているということ。レジバッグやコーヒーカップは明らかにそうだけれど、もっとしっかりした物、モップやDVDやカメラや、バーベキューグリルも!

Even computers. Have you noticed that when you buy a computer now, the technology is changing so fast that within a couple years, it’s (your new computer) actually an impediment to communication. I was curious about this so I opened up a big desk top computer to see what was inside. And I found out that the piece that changes each year is just a tiny little piece in the corner. But you can’t just change that one piece, because each new version is a different shape, so you gotta chuck the whole thing and buy a new one.


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The Story of Stuff / 物の話」は消費主義社会の内幕に迫った刺激的な物語。原料の搾取からiPodの焼却まで、使い捨て文化の代価を暴露する。20分のアニメーションはほんの始まり。どんどん学んで、そんな世界を変える活動に参加しよう!

10 Little and Big Things You Can Do

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2007年12月4日に公開されたオンラインドキュメンタリー「The Story of Stuff」。ラルフ・ネーダーが「a model of clarity and motivation / 明確さと啓蒙の雛形」と評した本作は、公開以来400万人以上に閲覧され、現在世界のボランティアによって12カ国語に翻訳され字幕が付けられている。


The Story of Stuff 日本語版!



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