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In Politics on 2009/02/17 at 21:51

In the face of an economic crisis we haven’t seen since the Great Depression, The American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan represents a strategic and significant investment in our country’s future.  The size and scale of this plan demand unprecedented efforts to root out waste, inefficiency and unnecessary spending.

30年代大恐慌以来の経済危機に直面する今、このARRP米国復興再投資計画が提示しているのは、我国の未来への重大な投資です。これほどの大規模な計画を推進するためには、無駄や効率の悪さ、そして不必要な出費を、今までにない努力を費やして根絶しなければなりません。 will be the online portal for these efforts. Publishing information about how the funding secured by the legislation will be spent in a timely, targeted and transparent manner. Instead of politicians doling out money behind closed doors, the important decisions about where taxpayer dollars are invested will be yours to scrutinize.


Right now, provides projections, based on the planning that went into the legislation.  And once the money starts to go out to build new roads, modernize schools and create new jobs, you’ll be able to see how, when and where it is spent.


So take a look now, but come back often. will be changing and growing a lot in the weeks and months ahead. And we’re counting on your participation. Thank you.



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