Human Rescue Plan/Sean Penn: ショーン・ペンの人救済計画

In Human Rights on 2009/01/29 at 16:54

Wall Street rescue plan: 700 billion dollars
Iraq war to date: 600 billion dollars
European Union stimulus plans: 200 billion euros
Feed every hungry school child for a year: 3 billion dollars
“You wanna more bangs for your buck? Let’s talk about a human rescue plan.”

ウォール街救済計画: 7000億ドル
イラク戦争出費現在まで: 6000億ドル
EU景気刺激対策: 2000億ドル
飢餓に瀕した世界中の児童に一年間給食を与えられる金額: 30億ドル

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WFP has produced a new TV Public Service Announcement starring actor/director Sean Penn (just nominated for best actor). The 30 second PSA asks viewers to consider a “human rescue plan” during the global financial crises and is due to be released during the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland.


What some people don’t realize that for the world’s hungry the financial crisis is hitting them hard. Unemployment is increasing, remittances are decreasing, global trade is decreasing this is hurting everybody.. for the poorest to the poor it means their budget for food is shrinking. So what we are calling for is, as the world looks for stimulus packages to get the banks restarted and credit flowing, that we also reserve 1 percent of that to help the poorest of the poor to get through this trouble.

Well the thing to remember about the 950 million people in the world who go to bed hungry every night, is that they really have no voice in the halls of power, they can’t say we are trapped in this situation and we need your help. but celebrities can do that, and when they put out that call it can help reach those children who are desperate for evening meal or for a piece of food.

Josette Sheeran-Executive Director, World Food Programme



WFP事務局長 ジョゼット・シーラン


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