Al Gore endorses Barack Obama

In EnvironmentPolitics on 2008/06/16 at 22:54

Al Gore Endorses Barack Obama in Detroit, MI 6.16.2008 (15:14)

Al Gore Speech full text (スピーチ全文)

– – – -(最後の部分)- – – – –
Many people have waited for some sign that our country is awakening once again.

How will we know when a massive wave of reform and recovery and regeneration is about to take hold and renew our nation?

What would it look like if such a change were beginning to build?

I think we might recognize it as a sign of such change if we saw millions of young people getting involved for the first time in the political process.

I think we might just recognize it if we saw that new generation casting aside obsolete and hurtful distinctions and reaching out to one another across the ancient divisions that have frustrated action in the past.

I think we would know this change was coming if a new generation rejected the special interest politics of the past and the big money that fueled it, and instead used the internet to get small donations and unite Americans in a common effort to realize our common destiny.

If we saw it coming, we’d recognize it by the words, “hope” and “change.” Perhaps we would recognize it if we heard a young leader rise up to say,

“We’re not a red state America or a blue state America. We are the United States of America.”
「私たちは赤の州のアメリカでも青の州のアメリカでもない。私たちは団結したアメリカ – United States of Americaなのだ!」

We would know that change is on the way if that young leader reached out not only to the supporters of the other candidates in his party, but also beyond partisan lines, to Republicans and independents and said to us all,

“America, our time has come.”

I think we would recognize it in a candidate who, in response to those doubting our ability to solve the climate crisis and create a bright future, inspired millions to say,

“Yes, we can.”

We have such a nominee.

We have such a leader.

Yes, we can.

Ladies and gentlemen, the next President of the United States of America, Barack Obama.

– – – – – – – – –
Al Gore “My Endorsement” to Obama(公式声明)



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